April 17, 2006
I call Xander my naughty little munchkin these days because even though he knows he is not supposed to do something, he does it anyway.  Kind of like my sister when she was little.  We would tell her not to do something, but she would do it anyway. She even went so far as to tell my mom that she should just spank her now because she was going to do what my mom told her not to anyway.  Well, no matter how many times that I tell Xander not to climb on the table, he does it anyway.  However, now when I tell him to get down, he takes that as "sit down" and squats on the table!  I am doomed. 

His other nickname these days, Houdini, has been temporarily foiled as we have now installed gates to keep him in only the kitchen and family room for the time being.  He is working on figuring out how to escape and I have caught him trying to scale the gates a couple of times.  His little legs are just a bit too short to make it over yet (thank god).  He will be close to unstoppable once he grows just a bit more.  And he is pretty darn big now and built like a solid brick wall.   Grant feels so light compared to Xander.  It is like he has a magnet in his britches and it is attracted to the ground.

Xander had his second Easter yesterday and did very well at getting the eggs.  However, the first one that he picked up (luckily plastic) he threw at the ground and jelly beans went everywhere!  He isn't particularly fond of the jelly beans yet, so after chewing on one for a while until it was just the middle jelly stuff, he pushed it into my mouth.  Nice that he wanted to shared, but can you say Y-U-C-K!  He had a really good time picking up all the eggs and actually didn't break any of the real ones.  He was most excited about the toy that we got him (trying substitute things for sugar) with three little cars and little race ramps for them.  Grant, of course, had to play with it too, but Xander was very good and shared his new toy.

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